#SupportSpaCity Marketing Plan

Having a strong marketing strategy laid out from the beginning is a great way to ensure a successful campaign. Below is a marketing strategy that I, along with the Vice President of Economic Development, created for our #SupportSpaCity campaign

#SupportSpaCity Marketing Strategy:


Project goals:

Quickly get cash in the hands of local small businesses, give grocery relief to those who saw a loss or reduction of employment due to the pandemic. Show members and community that the Chamber is relevant and works hard for the business community.

Main marketing goal:

Let the general public know about the website, generate gift certificate sales for businesses

Main obstacle:

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to temporarily shutter their doors. The website had to be built quickly, and the news had to be delivered quickly.

Target audience:

Local businesses and community members

Non-paid media:

Front page story or press release published in the newspaper
TV spot on local news stations
Eblasts to Chamber members
Facebook/Instagram posts

Initial push:

Direct contact with local small businesses to inform them of the website, so they could sign up.

Send a press release to the local newspaper in order to get them to do a front-page article about the program. Send the press release to the Little Rock TV media as well.

Rewrite press release for email and social media. Post to Facebook/Instagram once a day, and send two eblast out the first week.


One designated eblast per week and ad in the weekly email newsletter telling Chamber members to purchase gift certificates and share the website with others

Social media:

Daily Facebook/Instagram posts educating the public on the importance of purchasing gift certificates through the website and encouraging everyone to share

Newspaper ads:

One large ad on our full-page in-kind trade


Highly successful. We raised more than $80,000 in community relief. The program also showed Chamber members and community members alike that we work hard local business.