About me

My name is Mara Kuhn. I chose to become a journalist because I believe good journalism can better the community.

With good storytelling, journalists have the power to bring awareness to subjects in need of attention. Good storytelling can also make an impact by simply just bringing joy to the reader.

Visual storytelling is of the utmost value in today’s world. Adding visual elements, like photographs and videos, to storytelling not only grabs the readers attention, but also showcases the story in a different way. It provides the reader with another level, and can show a different element to the story.

Sometimes a story can only be told in photographs.

I believe we as journalists have a obligation to tell stories for either readers’ pleasure or to impact the world.

As a champion for the environment and lover of nature, I believe photographing beautiful landscapes can keep the need to preserve this planet in the front of everyone’s mind.

Being in nature is where I feel at home and where my passion lies.

I am an avid hiker, I and love backpacking, kayaking, and anything that puts me into wilderness.

Based in Arkansas, I have ample stories to tell here. But I also don’t want to restrict myself to one place, therefore I travel the country in search of a beautiful places and good stories.

I began my blog, RightKindOfLost.com, to inspire others to get outside and enjoy life to its fullest. I use my skills of writing and photography to encourage, inspire, and uplift others.


Photography, writing, online publishing

I am a skilled photographer with a degree in photojournalism and 14 years experience. Working for a daily newspaper and managing two blogs, I am also skilled in writing, copy editing, and website content management.

I am able to work on tight deadlines and am experienced in both print and online publishing.

I’m am proficient in Photoshop, WordPress, Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and Adobe Creative Cloud.


Honing skills

I began my journalism career at The Herald of Arkansas State University. From there I interned with The Sun of Jonesboro, Ark., and The Sentinel-Record of Hot Springs, Ark., before becoming a full-time photojournalist for The Sentinel-Record. I worked at a daily newspaper for 14 years.

In January 2018, I left the newspaper business and now work as the Communications Manager at the Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce. There I use my skills in graphic design, writing, photography, social media, web design and marketing.

I operate the adventure travel blog, RightKindOfLost.com. I have also worked as content manager for HikeLikeAWoman.net.

Throughout my career as a journalist, I have freelanced for other publications as well, including outdoor publications like Backpacker Magazine. I have also written how-to-buy guides and product descriptions for e-commerce sites.


2013 W.E. Hussman Employee of the Year for Palmer Newspapers


Southern Newspaper Publishers Association

Third Place Feature Photo 2014
Third Place Artist Expression 2009

Arkansas Press Association

Second Place Feature Photograph 2013
First Place Single News Photograph 2010
Third Place Single News Photograph 2009

Arkansas Press Managing Editors Association

First Place Spot Sports Photo 2015
First Place Sports Feature Photo 2015
Second Place Photographer’s Portfolio 2015
Second Place Feature Photo 2015
Second Place Feature Sports Photo 2015
Second Place Spot Sports Photo 2013
Third Place Spot Sports Photo 2015
Second Place Spot Sports Photo 2013
Third Place Feature Sports Photo 2013
Third Place Photographer’s Portfolio 2010
Second Place Spot Sports Photo 2010
Third Place Spot Sports Photo 2010
Second Place News Coverage 2010