About me

My name is Mara Kuhn. I became a journalist because I believe good journalism can better the community. Writing and photography have always been a passion of mine.

I continued my love for bettering the community by working for the Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce. As Communications Manager my job is to tell the story of how the Chamber works for businesses in our community. I do this with writing, photography, and graphic design through many channels, including social media, email marketing, print advertising, and in-person networking.

As a champion for the environment and lover of nature, I believe photographing beautiful landscapes can keep the need to preserve this planet in the front of everyone’s mind.

Being in nature is where I feel at home and where my passion lies.

I am an avid hiker, I and love backpacking, kayaking, and anything that puts me into the wilderness.

Based in Arkansas, I have ample stories to tell here. But I also don’t want to restrict myself to one place, therefore I travel the country in search of beautiful places and good stories.

I began my blog, RightKindOfLost.com, to inspire others to get outside and enjoy life to its fullest. I use my skills in writing and photography to encourage, inspire, and uplift others.

Please see my resume for a full list of my experience and qualifications.