Why Work With Me?

Why Work With Me?

I can help your brand grow

I currently work as the Communications Manager of the Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce. Before that, I was a photojournalist at a daily newspaper where I learned the value of visual storytelling. Whether it's creating, clean concise branding through graphic design and web design, providing images that showcase your work or brand, or blog posts to tell the story of your brand, I've got you covered. In today's world, visual storytelling is a great way to market your brand, meet customers or clients where they are, and expand your reach. To read more about my experience and credentials, please see my About Me page or my Resume.

Falling out of the boat

One moment I was sitting atop the raft paddling hard when our guide yelled, “Paddle!” The next moment I was underwater struggling to get my bearings. I, obviously, was the person who fell out of the boat; the one they were talking to in the safety seminar when they said, “At least one of you will probably fall out of the boat today;” the one they call “Swimmer.”

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